Vigorelle Cream review.


What is Vigorelle?

Vigorelle is a cream formulated from natural plants and herbs that work in combination to improve your sexual life. It is worthwhile to mention that it is quite commonly referred to as a “Viagra” for women. Not only can it help you feel more in the mood for sex, but also you can experience deeper sensations throughout the whole experience. Well selected ingredients in Vigorelle work by enhancing blood circulation the area, which will lead to better sensitivity and enhanced arousal and improving natural lubrication. In case you have doubts about effectiveness of this cream you should know that it is already around for a couple of years so quite a lot of women have already tried it and had good results with it. This can be confirmed by many positive testimonials and reviews online. Also Vigorelle is endorsed by a few doctors, which is a good indication that it is a quality product that works and doesn’t cause side effects. The other thing to know about this cream is that you will feel the effect almost immediately after you will apply it.

What ingredients are included?

The formulation of this cream consists of 6 main ingredients and some additional Vitamins. Bellow you can find a full list of them and a short description how they work and what benefits they can provide.

  • Wild Yam. This ingredient is included in formulation due to its hormone balancing features and it can also stimulate production of human growth hormone (HGH). Having a proper balance of hormones can greatly improve overall sexual performance as well as desire for it.

  • Damiana Leaf. This component is known to have powerful aphrodisiac features and also it can be beneficial for treating dryness of vagina.

  • Ginkgo Biloba. This herb contains high levels of antioxidants so it is beneficial for fighting free radical damage. One of the main reasons why it is included in Vigorelle cream is because it works by boosting blood circulation and enhancing oxidation on applied area.

  • L-Arginine HCI. This ingredient works by opening blood vessels of the area that it is applied to, which allows better blood circulation in the area as well as increased sensitivity.

  • Suma Root contains a lot of different amino acids, minerals and vitamins. This ingredient is beneficial for balancing hormone levels, eliminating toxicity from the body, strengthening immune system and improving endocrine system.

  • Peppermint Leaf. This component is included in this cream since it can help to enhance absorption of other ingredients in formulation. In addition to that Peppermint leaf is known to stimulate natural lubrication as well as reduce anxiety & improve mood.

  • Other ingredients: Complex of Vitamins such as A, E & C and Aloe Vera Gel.

Review of the Main Benefits.

  • Mostly positive reviews from users, which is a good indication that this cream meets most its advertising claims;
  • Vigorelle will start to work quickly so you will be able to feel the effect within just a couple of minutes after application. Also it is worthwhile to mention that results of this cream will become more noticeable after you use it for a couple of times;
  • This cream will work effectively for women who can’t enjoy sex due to dryness of vagina, since there a few ingredients in formulation that stimulates natural lubrication;
  • In case you will choose to buy more than one month supply, you will also get a dispensing pump, which is a great additional bonus for free;
  • This cream doesn’t interfere with birth control pills and it is also compatible with condoms;
  • Vigorelle cream is risk free for 67 days since it comes with money back guarantee. So you can try it without any risk and if it doesn’t work for you get a refund;
  • According to manufacturer information this cream is free from side effects and also there doesn’t seem to be any complaints from users in terms negative effects;
  • In case you will buy this cream directly from manufacturer website, your order will come in a discreet package so no one will be able know what is inside.

Directions on how to use it.

The usage of this cream is quite simple and all you have to do is apply a small amount of Vigorelle to the mucus membrane area, which is below the clitoris. In the next step simply rub it a little so that ingredients would be absorted better.

What do costumer reviews say?

The costumer reviews of Vigorelle cream that you can find online are mostly positive. Based on these testimonials it can be said that users of this enhancement cream notice different results since some women notice increased lubrication or better sensitivity while others experience more desire for sex in general. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Vigorelle cream bellow.


For more reviews of Vigorelle visit the official page here.

Are there any Side Effects?

Based on manufacturer provided information, Vigorelle is completely safe to use and will not cause side effects. This is quite a believable claim since there are no dangerous ingredients in formulation of this cream, only natural herbs and vitamins. From the many user testimonials online there doesn’t seem to be any complains either, which only proves that it is a safe cream to use. However as with any product check a full list of ingredients included in formulation before using it and make sure you haven’t had bad experience with them.

What is the price of Vigorelle and where to buy it?

buy-vigorelleOne of the best places to buy Vigorelle is from the official website online. By buying this cream directly from manufacturer you can be sure that you will receive a quality product and with all the guarantees. At the moment there are a total of five different offers that you choose from. You can buy one month supply for as little as $59.95 and there are also discounts and free gifts available for more advanced packages. Each bottle of Vigorelle contains ~30 ml of cream so it is enough to use for 30-40 applications. Also you should know that shipping is available worldwide so you can order Vigorelle if you live in Australia, UK, NZ, Canada and etc.

Visit the official site of Vigorelle.

HerSolution Gel review.


What is HerSolution Gel and how does it work?

In case you are looking for a personal lubricant that would not include harmful parabens, HerSolution Gel might be a good choice product for you. This gel works effectively to enhance natural lubrication of vaginal area and highlight your sensitivity to touching, which in turn leads to maximum pleasure during sex. All these mentioned benefits are achieved by well-selected and natural ingredients that are included in this gel. You can find a full list of them and how they work for making sex more enjoyable bellow.

What ingredients are included?

The formulation of HerSolution Gel consists of L-Arginine, soothing ingredients like Aloe Vera Extract, Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter, Natural Botanical Essences as well as Vitamins. Bellow you can find a short explanation what potential benefits these mentioned ingredients can privide its users with.

  • L-Arginine. It can be said that one of the main ingredients in this gel is L-Arginine and it works effectively to enhance blood circulation to clitoral as well as vaginal area, which in turn leads to highlighted sensations during sexual activity.

  • Aloe Vera Extract works effectively to enhance moisture in vaginal area. Furthermore this ingredient can help to enhance healing of tissues that are damaged.

  • Shea Butter. This ingredient provides nourishment and hydration for tissues that it is applied to.

  • Cocoa Butter is included for its ability to enhance lubrication and it is also beneficial ingredient for protecting and nourishing skin.

  • Olive Squalene. The main function of this ingredient is protection of the skin that it is applied to and also it can help to enhance natural moisture of vaginal area.

  • Menthol USP. When applied topically this ingredient provides tingling sensation in both clitoral and vaginal area.

  • Other ingredients: Citric Acid, Carbopol Ultrez Polymer, Triethanolaminem, Dipropylene Glycol.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • This gel can provide users with the following benefits: alleviate vaginal dryness, boost blood flow to clitoral and vaginal area, highlight sensitivity to touch and help to achieve full body climax;
  • It can be said that this gel has well-selected ingredients in formulation and best of all they are all natural so you do not need to worry about side effects;
  • HerSolution gel works almost instantly and you will start feeling tingling sensation within minutes of applying it to your vagina area;
  • The gel is not sticky and doesn’t have bad odor;
  • Unlike similar products HerSolution gel does not contain Silicone, Glycerin or Parabens so it is completely safe to use and will not disrupt your hormone balance;
  • Since there is no Silicone in formulation, HerSolution Gel can be used together with condoms or sex toys.
  • Each tube of HerSolution gel contains 60 ml of gel so it is enough to use it for the whole month;
  • This gel is produced by manufacturer who is cGMP compliant so you can be sure about the quality of ingredients included in this product;
  • HerSolution Gel is risk free for 67 days since it comes with money back guarantee;
  • More advanced packages of HerSolution Gel comes with free gifts like One-Touch Mini Vibrator, HerSolution Pills and Massage Candle.

Are there any Side Effects?

As it was mentioned previously HerSolution Gel includes only natural ingredients in formulation so it is completely safe to use for most women and will not cause side effects. Unlike cheaper lubricants that are found in drugstores this gel doesn’t include any parabens, which is a great benefit. As it is quite well known using products that contain parabens for a long period of time can lead to disruption of hormone balance. So it can be said that HerSolution offers a safer lubricant that can be used daily and for a long period of time.

Despite the fact that this gel is side effects free product it might be a good idea to consult with a doctor prior to using it for women who are taking prescription drugs, are pregnant or breastfeeding. The same suggestion also applies to women who have some serious health conditions or women with sexually transmitted diseases.

Directions on how to use it.

The usage of HerSolution Gel is quite simple and easy to follow. All you have to do is take a small amount of this gel to your fingers and apply it to your clitoris and vaginal area. You will not need to wait for a long time to see the difference since this gel works almost instantly. Within minutes or even seconds after application you will start feeling a tingling sensation.

Where to buy HerSolution Gel and what is the Price?

buy-HerSolution-GelIn case you are wondering whether it is possible to buy HerSolution Gel in local stores like Walmart or Walgreens, unfortunately the answer is no. However it is very easy and convenient to buy this gel from the official website online. You will get your order within just a couple of days and it will also come in discreet packaging. When you will visit the official website of HerSolution Gel you will be able to choose from four different offers. For instance the price for one month package is $59.95; however you can greatly reduce monthly price and get some extra gifs by choosing more advanced packages. You should also know that HerSolution Gel can be shipped internationally so you can buy it if you live in UK, Australia, India, Canada and other regions.

Visit the official page of HerSolution Gel.

HerSolution Gel vs Pills.

Many people who want to try HerSolution products want to know whether it is better to buy pills or gel. In case you want to get the maximum possible results it is of course best to use both of these products in combination. However if you have a limited budget and can afford only one of these products our recommendation would be to choose HerSolution pills. This is mainly because consumer reviews of HerSolution pills are a bit better when compared with gel and it is a more popular product, so it can be said that you can expect better results while taking these pills.