Lubedia review.

What is Lubedia and how does it work?

Lubedia is a natural supplement, which is aimed at women who want to enhance their libido. Manufacturer of this supplement is Bioprosper Labs, which is a reputable company that produces various diet, Men and Women supplements. It is worthwhile to mention that there are a few different ways how Lubedia works. First of all, this supplement contains a couple of well-known aphrodisiacs such as Mucuna Pruriens, Maca, Panax Ginseng and Mura Puama. Second of all, Lubedia includes Horney Goat Weed and L-Arginine that are known to be effective in boosting blood circulation and sensitivity in vagina area. Third of all, this pill includes Tongkat Ali and Saw Palmetto, which are ingredients that can help to balance hormone levels in the body. So it can be said that Lubedia works in three main ways to boost female libido – enhances blood circulation to intimate areas, balances hormone levels and provides you with a lot of natural aphrodisiacs so that your desire for sex would be higher.

What ingredients are included?

The formulation of this supplement consists of 9 main ingredients. The total dosage of these ingredients is 1560 mg; however doses for separate ingredients are not provided on the label of this supplement. It can be said that Lubedia has quite similar ingredients as more expensive female enhancement supplements; so it should work similarly well.

  • Lubedia-ingredientsMuira Puama. This ingredient is a quite well-known aphrodisiac in Brazil and was used for this purpose for many years by local people. One recent study showed that Muira Puama in combination with Ginkgo Biloba can help to reach orgasm easier, enhance overall satisfaction with sex and make your sexual desires more frequent.

  • L-Arginine. This ingredient is quite common in most libido enhancement pills since it is able to boost blood flow to genital area. It is also worthwhile to mention that L-Arginine can help to enhance your energy levels as well as overall stamina since it is able to increase HGH (Human Growth Hormone) levels in the body.

  • Panax Ginseng. There a few different types of Ginseng and each type of this plant can provide users with a bit different benefits. Panax Ginseng is known to increase athletic endurance, stamina and concentration. Also this plant can help to reduce stress, anxiety as well as depression. It is also worthwhile to mention that one study on extract of Ginseng showed that this component was able to increase sexual arousal in women (menopausal).

  • Horny Goat Weed. This plant contains a compound called Icariin, which based on a couple of studies is able to boost blood circulation to genitalia, which in turn increases sensitivity.

  • Maca. This plant mostly grows in Bolivia and Peru and it is known for its aphrodisiac properties. Based on a couple of studies Maca can help to boost sexual desire, provide positive effect on mood & energy and reduce anxiety.

  • Tongkat Ali. This ingredient is included in Lubedia for its ability to balance hormone levels (testosterone). It is also worthwhile to mention that there a couple of studies done on animals, which suggest that Tonkat Ali is effective in increasing sexual activity.

  • Saw Palmetto. There are quite a lot of studies available suggesting that Saw Palmetto is an effective DHT blocker. So taking a supplement, which contains Saw Palmetto can help to balance testosterone levels in the body, which in turn can help to enhance libido.

  • Macuna Pruriens. This bean-like plant was used in India as an aphrodisiac, to treat Parkinson’s disease, depression and anxiety. It is worthwhile to mention that there are a couple of studies on animals suggesting that Mucuna Pruriens can help to enhance libido as well as overall sexual behavior.

  • Polypodium Vulgare. This ingredient is known to act as anabolic, so it can help to boost sexual desire in both women and men.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • Formulation of this supplement consists of well-selected ingredients that are very common in more expensive female libido pills (Maca, L-Arginine, Panax Ginseng, Horney Goat Weed and etc.), so Lubedia should provide you with similar results, but for a much lower price;
  • Different ingredients in Lubedia can help to boost your desire for sex (aphrodisiacs), balance your hormones and increase sensitivity in genital area.
  • It can be said that in general consumer testimonials of this product are positive, which is a good proof that Lubedia works with high success rate;
  • Since there are no hash ingredients in formulation of Lubedia (only natural herbs and plant extracts), the risk of experiencing side effects is highly unlikely;
  • One of the biggest benefits of this female enhancement supplement is that it is very cheap (price range from $14.51 to $24.95), so it is definitely worthwhile to give it a try;
  • Lubedia is backed up by money back guarantee so this this supplement is risk free for 60 days;
  • This product is made in USA and in accordance to FDA standards, so you can be sure about the quality and safety of this supplement.

What consumer reviews say?

If you will spend time reading reviews of Lubedia online you will find quite a lot of positive and a couple of negative testimonials. Due to this it can be said that this supplement works for most women; however not with 100% success rate. Read a couple of actual user reviews of Lubedia supplement bellow.


For more consumer reviews of Lubedia supplement, visit Amazon page here.

Where to buy Lubedia and What is the Price?


In case you are interested in trying this female enhancement supplement there are a few websites that you can buy Lubedia from. Considering price and delivery time it can be said that one of the best places to buy Lubedia is from Amazon. At the moment one bottle of this supplement is priced at $24.95 on Amazon; however usually there is a discount available so you can buy it even cheaper. It is also worthwhile to mention that one bottle of this female libido enhancement supplement contains 60 capsules, so according to provided recommendations it would be enough to use it for the whole month.

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