Lyriana review.

What is Lyriana and how does it work?

Lyriana is a quite popular supplement those main aim is to boost libido and increase the quality of women sex. The ingredients in Lyriana work in combination to address most common causes of low libido in women. Components like Damiana and L-Arginine work by boosting blood circulation to vaginal area, which leads to higher sensitivity and better sex-related pleasure. Other ingredients help to balance hormone levels (estrogen) and increase dopamine levels, which are associated with higher sexual drive.

It is also worthwhile to mention that manufacturer of Lyriana conducted a survey in 2003 to investigate how effective this supplement was for its users. Based on more than 500 completed questionnaires about 91% of women who used Lyriana had higher sexual drive, 93% experienced better overall body arousal and 90% were able to have an orgasm easier.

What ingredients are included?

The formulation of Lyriana supplement consists of five natural ingredients. All these components have unique properties that can help to aid in libido enhancement.

  • Maca. This herb was used by Incan people for thousands of years in order to increase sexual desire and energy levels. Some recent studies on Maca confirm its ability to ease depression and anxiety, which is caused by menopause and increase sexual function in women.

  • Damiana. The leaves of Damiana were used as an aphrodisiac by native Mexico people for many years. It is thought that it works by bringing more blood to genital area, which greatly enhances sexual pleasure and sensitivity of the clitoris. Also due to the fact that this herb has aphrodisiac properties, it can help to enhance sexual desire. Some other benefits include better mood and decrease in stress and anxiety. All these features of Damiana make it an effective ingredient in female libido enhancement product.

  • L-Arginine. This ingredient is mainly included in the pill due to its ability to increase blood circulation to clitoral region. When this happens women become more sensitive to sex-related stimulation, which leads to better orgasms. Also L-Arginine is effective in enhancing desire for sex and it can help to increase endurance. One study involving a total of 77 women showed that consumption L-Arginine supplement for one month increased sexual satisfaction (frequently of orgasms, increased lubrication, higher body arousal and etc.) of ~74% participants.

  • Horney Goat Weed. This herb was used in China for many years in order to boost low libido, since it was thought to have aphrodisiac properties. Other less common uses were for decreasing stress and fatigue.

  • Yohimbine Extract is known for its aphrodisiac properties and it can help to reduce anxiety. Also this extract contains high levels of antioxidants so it is beneficial for overall health and can help to fight free radical damage.

What are the Main Benefits of Lyriana?

  • Based on questionnaires that were completed by previous consumers of this supplement it was effective in enhancing sex drive for 91% users, increasing sensitivity for 93% and having better orgasms for 90% of women;
  • According to manufacturer this libido enhancer can increase lubrication by up to 5 times;
  • There a few ingredients in Lyriana that work effectively to boost flow to vaginal area, which will result in increased sensitivity and better enjoyment of sex;
  • After taking Lyriana supplement for a longer time you might notice some additional benefits like better mood, higher energy levels, more regular periods or lessening of menopause symptoms;
  • Huge discounts are available for more advanced packages (more than 50%);
  • Lyriana supplement is risk free for 90 days (money back guarantee);

Are there any Side Effects?

In general it can be said that Lyriana is a completely safe supplement to use for most women and possibility of experiencing side effects is relatively low. While individually and in large dosages ingredients like Horney Goat Weed and Yohimbine Extract are known to cause side effects (dry mouth, dizziness, troubles breathing and etc.), there are only small and safe dosages of them included in Lyriana, which greatly reduces the risk of experiencing any negative effects to your health. Despite that it is possible that some users might experience side effects like headache (mild) and upset in the stomach; however they are usually only short term.

You should also know that it is best to avoid using this supplement for women who are pregnant, breastfeeding or have diabetes. This is because there are separate ingredients in Lyriana such as Damiana, Horney Goat Weed and Yohimbine Extract that are not recommended to be used in these conditions.

Where to buy Lyriana and what is the Price?

buy-LyrianaIn case you have already decided to try Lyriana for libido enhancement you can buy this supplement on Amazon, eBay or official website online. The price is usually a bit lower on Amazon so we recommend buying this libido enhancer from there. Depending on the current discount you can buy one month supply of this supplement for ~$43-$60 and there are also some savings available for more advanced packages.

Find Lyriana Libido Enhancer on Amazon.

Should you try Lyriana?

While Lyriana seems like a good supplement for libido enhancement, which offers quite unique formulation and a lot of potential benefits, in this website we recommend to try either HerSolution or Provestra libido enhancers. This is because there is not much independent consumer testimonials that would either confirm or reject Lyriana effectiveness, so you can only count on manufacturer advertising claims and formulation of this product. This is however not the case with Provestra and HerSolution supplements, which are both available for a while now and are well-rated by many costumer reviews online.