Zestra review.

Zestra-Arousal-OilsWhat is Zestra and how does it work?

Zestra is a natural product, which is designed specifically for women who want to have better arousal and experience deeper sensations throughout sex. All these benefits are achieved by a formulation of natural extracts and oils that work in combination to increase sensitivity in vaginal area. This arousal oil come in two forms – packets (single use) or pump bottles, which are both very easy & convenient to apply and will start to work within just a couple of minutes of application.

What ingredients are included?

The formulation of this product consists of ingredients such as natural extracts, vitamins and oils. Some of the included oils are Evening Primrose Oil and Borage Seed Oil. There are also a few vitamins in formulation including Vitamin E and Vitamin C, which will provide you with antioxidant benefits. Other ingredients include Theobromine and Angelica Extract.

What are the Main Benefits?

  • By using Zestra you can increase your desire for sex, arousal as well improve your overall sexual enjoyment;
  • These essential arousal oils are proven to work for ~70% of women (in clinical trials), which means it has quite high success rate;
  • Zestra is free from side effects, which was also confirmed in clinical trials;
  • This product starts to work within ~5 minutes of application and the effect can be felt for up to 45 minutes;
  • It is made in FDA approved laboratory by following GMP guidelines, so you can be sure about the quality of this product and ingredients in it.
  • This product is around for many years already (from 2002), so there are a lot of women who tried this arousal oil and had good results;
  • Zestra products are risk free for 30 days (money back guarantee);

Are there any Side Effects or Warnings?

In case you are concerned about potential side effects of using Zestra you shouldn’t be. This is because this product was actually tested in two separate clinical trials and participants in both of them didn’t experience any dangerous negative effects. Also this product is already around for many years (more than 5 years) and women, who tried it already, didn’t report any adverse side effects either. This is a good indication that these arousal oils are actually safe to use for most women. Even though Zestra is a safe product to use it is best to avoid using it for women who have some sort of irritation in the area or currently have vaginal infection. The other thing to know is that these oils shouldn’t be used by women who are breastfeeding or pregnant. Also check the full list of ingredients included in this product and make you don’t have allergies to any of the components in formulation.

What do other people reviews say?

If you will spend time searching for reviews of Zestra you will find both positive and negative testimonials. However this is quite a normal thing since based on clinical trials this product works with about ~70% success rate. This number is actually quite well reflected in user testimonials online. Read a few actual consumer reviews of Zestra bellow.


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Directions on how to use it.

Zestra is a topical solution, which should be applied on the outside of vagina (vaginal lips and clitoris area). Since it works quite fast you can apply it a couple of minutes before having sex. In most cases it is enough to use half a pack of this oil or 2-4 pumps from the bottle; however it is best to adjust the right amount for yourself based on your experience.

It is also worthwhile to mention that this product can be used in combination with a lubricant; however you should apply Zestra before a lubricant (at least 5 minutes before). This way you will be able to enjoy benefits of both of these products.

The other thing that you should know about Zestra is that it is completely safe to use it with sex toys and vibrators that are made from silicone. Also this product can be used with condoms that are made from polyurethane. This however doesn’t apply to condoms that are made from latex since they can be affected by oils so it’s best not to use them in combination.

Where to buy Zestra and what is the Price?

Buy-Zestra-Essential-OilsIn case you have already decided to try Zestra you can easily buy these essential arousal oils on Amazon or official website online. In case you are buying it for a first time it might be worthwhile to choose a smaller package, which only includes 3 packs of this oil. This way you can make sure it will actually work for you without spending too much money. It is priced quite reasonably and you can get it for as little as ~$8 on Amazon.

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